A Marching Band Starts Following Her. When She Sees The Surprise Behind Them, I’m In Tears

This is one of the most amazing coordinations and acts of love I’ve seen in a while. It’s no shock to me that it’s gone totally viral with almost 30 million views.

Sometimes the best surprises are the ones that completely catch you off guard, like this pilot who proposed to his girlfriend mid-flight!

Much like that startling pilot proposal, this video is one of those videos where you’re on the edge of your seat, tearing up, and totally smiling.

After a family dinner, Isaac Lamb instructed his brother to take his girlfriend to his Honda CRV parked outside.

His brother told her that he wanted to play her a song, so he puts the headphones on her head. Then a Bruno Mars song begins playing and suddenly, she sees a couple strolling down the street singing the same song.

She sits in the back of the car and the car begins to drive slowly.

As she begins to pull away, more people appear. Every single one of them is singing the same Bruno Mars song.

It’s almost as if they had this all planned out. But this isn’t just a few people, it’s dozens of people who begin to join the chorus.

Then, all of a sudden, something magical happens.

Watch the video to see why there wasn’t a dry eye that day.