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A Silent Killer That Most Females Wear, You Need To Know This!

Audree Kopp, from Philadelphia, noticed a big bump on her wrist. At first she thought it was a spider bite, and treated it accordingly. Despite her treatment, the bump did not heal and instead became even bigger. She went to the hospital and after being examined by a doctor, he prescribed antibiotics and sent her home for domestic treating. However, there were no signs of improvement, so she decided to go back to the hospital.

She ended up in the emergency room and the doctors decided that she would need surgery for infection control. After review, the results diagnosed a heavy infections due to certain bacteria such as strep, staph and poly-negative bacteria. Bacteria had been formed in the hair tie and penetrated deep into Kopp’s pores, causing a deadly infection.

Kopp’s case should be a warning to all those women who like to wear hair ties on their wrists. In her case, it was the glow hair tie that caused this type of infection. No one deserves to deal with such a difficult situation caused by something that could easily be avoided, so be cautious and avoid this common habit.

Thankfully, Kopp reacted on time before the infection spread too far and now her wrist is fine. So, keep in mind, stay away from these hair ties, especially on the wrists. You’ve probably noticed some women wearing extra hair tie on their wrists. If you are one of them, please read this article attentively and make sure you remove it right away. This seemingly a convenient and innocent act can severely harm your health.