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Lost Footage Of 10-Year-Old Keith Urban Just Gave Gave Me CHILLS, This Can’t Be Real!

Rare footage of Keith Urban was just discovered, and it’s quite possibly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen!

Keith Urban has been stealing hearts and dazzling audiences since 1980, and this footage is proof! Ten-year-old little Urban is quite possibly the cutest, and most talented little thing I’ve ever seen!

I was speechless as I watched the young star perform a flawless rendition of Dally Parton’s “Apple Jack”.

This newly discovered video was uploaded to YouTube with the following caption:  “This the rarest and earliest video clip of Keith Urban performing that I have ever seen. I am not sure of his exact age in this but from 1977-1980 when Reg Lindsay’s Country Homestead was filmed in colour at QTQ 9 studios in Brisbane. I believe this performance of Dolly Parton’s “Apple Jack” is from that show. This would put Keith’s age at anywhere from 10 – 13 year of age.”

Watch little Keith’s first ever performance below: