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It’s Not What You Gather, But What You Scatter

nov 30 couple~Your Kids are becoming you……but your grandchildren are Perfect!

~Going Out is good.. Coming Home is better!

~You Forget names…. But it’s OK because other people forgot they Even knew you!!!

~You realize you’re never going to be really good at anything…. Especially Golf.

~The things you used to care to do, you no longer care to do, but you really do care that you don’t care to do them anymore.

~You sleep better on a lounge chair with the TV blaring than in bed. It’s Called “pre-sleep”.

~You miss the days when everything worked with just an “ON” and “OFF” Switch..

~You tend to use more 4 letter words .. “what?”…”when?”… ???

~Now that you can afford expensive jewelry, it’s not safe to wear it anywhere.

~You notice everything they sell in stores is “sleeveless”?!!!

~What used to be freckles are now liver spots.

safe friends

~Everybody Whispers.

~You have 3 sizes of clothes in your closet…. 2 of which you will never wear.

~~~But Old is good in some things: Old songs, Old movies, and best of all, OLD FRIENDS!!