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Now The iPhone 7 Is Exploding Too

While cell phones are continually expanding their functionality, this clearly was not something Apple intended as a new feature. Introducing the self-exploding iPhone 7. No need to explode the phone yourself, it comes this way!1

It’s an iPhone 7 in mattel black, that’s clearly somehow exploded. While smartphones in the past have had similar issues due to battery deformities, this iPhone actually exploded while it was in travel to the person who ordered it. The user received his iPhone, removed it from the box, and this is the surprise he received.


Apparently something occurred when en route from factory to the user. And there is no app to fix this problem. Apple has been mum about it so far, as has been the carrier, UPS. One of them, or possibly both, will have to fall on the sword for this disaster as the user no doubt has contacted the company for a replacement. If they even decide to go with Apple again after receiving this surprise!

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Here’s a video that should change the way you feel about general safety and distracting phone use. A young woman walks to her car and decides to pay more attention to her phone than her own personal safety. Big mistake.

Most people are guilty of this behavior, and most people would agree, it really is pretty stupid to allow your phone to be the distracting tool which easily causes you a whole lot of trouble.

It only takes a few seconds as you will see. She’s texting one second and she’s quickly thrown in the trunk the next.

“Are You Distracted?” was created by Pretty Loaded, which is an organization offering personal safety training and situational awareness which will hopefully wake people up out of their phone addictive behavior.

Really a must-see video for everyone, as most of use have been guilty of this behavior. Share this important video with friends and family to guarantee their safety and well-being!